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Program Agenda

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​agg virtual event
​​November 18, 2020 | 10:30 AM-12:30 PM CST (UTC-6)
​​​​LEED credits for continuing education are offered for t​his​ event.


Welcome​ Remarks
Jamie L. Rhee, Commissioner, Chicago Department of Aviation
Angela Tovar, Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Chicago

Airports Going Green 2020 Awards Ceremony
Join us in celebrating sustainability accomplishments in the aviation industry. Each year, the Chicago Department of Aviation is proud to recognize projects, programs, initiatives and individuals that exemplify sustainability leadership in the aviation industry.

Panel Session:
The Path Forward for ​​​​Sustainability: How to use sustainability initiatives as a driver toward recovery from the effects of COVID-19

​Join airports, airlines, and stakeholders as they discuss key issues facing our industry today:

  • How not to lose momentum during this time when budgets are being cut and funding priorities may be elsewhere
  • How to assess the value of sustainability programs in the long-term
  • How to be nimble and thrive in the short-term, while still working toward meeting long-term goals
  • How to determine what to invest in now – how to determine which projects make sense in a COVID world
  • How to work with tenants and stakeholders in the effort to keep momentum going

10:30 AM CST (UTC-6)

Informal Wrap-Up for Speakers and Attendees​
​Join us for an informal and discussion with all speakers an​d attendees regarding the successes and challenges we are facing. We want to hear from you!​

12:15 PM CST (UTC-6​)​

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